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Posted in FLOSS, Ubuntu by Chris on October 31, 2011

“There is a bit of a myth that power users don’t like and aren’t interested in usability and ease-of use,” Shuttleworth said. “I think that’s nonsense.”

Obviously it’s true most power users like usability and ease-of-use, which was the case with Gnome 2.32, they just don’t like being forced to use a tablet interface on a desktop or laptop, like with Gnome 3, Unity, or Windows 8. Of course Gnome 2 had its issues with Gnome developers continually removing features, or making them hard to access with ‘hidden’ settings in gconf, but overall it was pretty good.

Please keep tablet interfaces on tablets, and phone interfaces on phones (ie no more Android 2.3 on tablets).

I’ve personally switched to Xubuntu 11.10 until this failed industry experiment is over, or until Unity finally becomes as usable on my laptop as Xfce.

Shuttleworth: Linux Power Users Aren’t too Cool for Unity

Ubuntu on phones, tablets, TV’s and smart screens everywhere

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Error handling

Posted in FLOSS, Ubuntu, Uncategorized by Chris on June 7, 2010

If your code can have errors, and all but the most trivial code can, then handle them and actually document any error codes you return. Also if your code runs other code that returns errors don’t just store the error in a variable and ignore it, actually do something about it!

That is all.

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Comcast finally upgraded the Houston area to DOCSIS 3.0

Posted in Uncategorized by Chris on April 15, 2010

I finally have good broadband again, the last time I had more than 6mbps was in 2002 when I had 8/1 due to working for an ISP. The speed below is their PowerBoost speed, but it does sustain 12/2 for prolonged periods of time.


Moving and better Internet access

Posted in Uncategorized by Chris on October 1, 2009

I recently bought a new house and with it came much better Internet access. Now it shouldn’t take nearly as long to upload On the downside I now have a bandwidth cap.

speedtest results

Why it takes so long for me to upload

Posted in Ubuntu by Chris on June 8, 2009


It’s supposed to be 3M/0.5M which is the best ADSL I can get where I live in Houston. Apparently I’m ~ 800 feet too far away to get 18M/1M which is the best available in the city. I wouldn’t mind having real broadband (10M+ upload). :-\

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How to view Triaged bugs that have Invalid upstream tasks

Posted in Ubuntu by Chris on March 22, 2009

So there is an issue with Launchpad that makes it somewhat hard to see bugs that are triaged but which have invalid upstream tasks which are not bugwatches.

The way I normally view all triaged non-upstream bugs is to use:

The way I normally view all resolved upstream bugs is to use:

The problem I ran into is that if you have a bug that has an upstream task, without bugwatch, which is invalid it does not show up in either list. While it is good to not consider a bug to be resolved_upstream if it is marked invalid hiding those same bugs with hide_upstream causes them to be hard to find. Also, it appears that bugs which have bugwatches on them that are marked as invalid in a different non-Launchpad bugtracker are treated as resolved_upstream. So there are probably really two bugs here: 1. external bug trackers invalid status is mapped to resolved_upstream in the web interface and 2. hide_upstream hides upstream bugs with a status of invalid. If there is a workaround in the web interface to see these bugs without having to look at all triaged bugs, including bugs with valid upstream status, for a package I do not know what it is.

The way I worked around the issue was to use launchpadlib:

for pkgbug in package.searchTasks(status=['Triaged']):
for task in pkgbug.bug.bug_tasks:
if'#')[1] == 'project':
if task.status == 'Invalid':
if task.bug_watch is None:
print, "-", task.bug_target_name

This works but is very resource heavy, it takes 12 minutes to run for, so probably should be used sparingly.

I would like to thank the many people who helped me learn how to use launchpadlib today. 🙂

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Ubuntu using gvfs fuse now

Posted in, Ubuntu by Chris on March 13, 2009

As of 1:3.0.1-5ubuntu1 in Ubuntu Jaunty OOo will be using gvfs fuse instead of gnome-vfs or gio. This is because both gnome-vfs and gio support in OOo is buggy. Currently gnome-vfs fails to save documents properly and enabling gio causes OOo to not start at all. Of course using gvfs fuse has exposed numerous bugs as well, before gvfs 1.1.8 it did not support ftruncate well enough for OOo to save files. It does work now but there are still a few bugs with saving to ftp and webdav.

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New Blog

Posted in Uncategorized by Chris on March 10, 2009

After several years of not having a blog I finally have set up a new one.